Steven Fountain

Steven Fountain

MS Candidate | Computer Science | Seattle, WA

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My name is Steven Fountain and I am a Software Engineer at In December 2022, I earned a Master of Science in Computer Science from Northeastern University's ALIGN program in Seattle, WA.

I started my professional career in the User Experience industry managing User Research Labs at Microsoft and Facebook. I worked closely with Researchers and Engineers to ensure UX studies were conducted successfully, without technical issues.

This background helps me approach solving technical problems from a unique perspective, enabling me to work closely with others to build impactful, user-centered solutions.

Software Engineer I |

January 2023

  • Member of the Payments team
  • Software Engineer Intern |

    June 2022 - September 2022

  • Member of the Payments team supporting the pay-in and pay-out REST API within Rover's Django backend framework
  • Wrote and presented an implementation plan to allow deactivation of 'Stripe Connected Accounts' enabling CX agents to quickly resolve payout issues for Providers; considering risks, tradeoffs and scope
  • Practiced Agile methodologies in a two-week sprint with daily stand-ups and ticket estimations; triaging high-priority bugs
    Cryptography Web App
  • Deploying a web application with React and Flask hosted on heroku, allowing users to encrypt plaintext and decrypt ciphertext using shift, vigenere and affine cipher algorithms
  • Project managed following SCRUM framework
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    Trip Mapping and Sharing Web App
  • Collaborated with two other students to design and develop a full-stack web application using the MERN technolgies
  • Integrated Google Maps and Login 3rd party libraries
  • Deployed using Heroku and AtlasDB
  • Text Adventure REPL
  • REPL adventure game programmed in Haskell
  • Play Game
    To-Do Application
  • Java program to parse command line arguments and writes a To-Do list to CSV file
  • Implemented an error logger to identify argument issues and display suggestions
  • Achieved Junit test coverage of 95%
  • Checkers Game
  • Developed a python application allowing users to play checkers against an AI opponent
  • Added advanced feature to display possible moves when selecting a piece by querying dynamically generated list of moves
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    Programming Languages

    Python | Java | MySQL | C | HTML | CSS | JS | Prolog | Haskell

    Frameworks & Tools

    Django | React | PyCharm | VS Code | Vim | Git