Steven Fountain

Steven Fountain

Software Engineer | Seattle, WA

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My name is Steven Fountain and I am a Software Engineer at In December 2022, I earned a Master of Science in Computer Science from Northeastern University's ALIGN program in Seattle, WA.

I started my professional career in the User Experience industry managing playtest labs at Microsoft and Facebook. I worked closely with Researchers and Engineers to ensure UX studies were conducted successfully and accurately, empowering Researchers to deliver actionable findings to stakeholders.

This background helps me approach solving technical problems from a unique perspective, enabling me to work closely with others to build impactful, user-centered solutions.

Software Engineer I |

January 2023

  • Member of the Payments team
  • Software Engineer Intern |

    June 2022 - September 2022

  • Member of the Payments team supporting the pay-in and pay-out REST API within Rover's Django backend framework
  • Wrote and presented an implementation plan to allow deactivation of 'Stripe Connected Accounts' enabling CX agents to quickly resolve payout issues for Providers; considering risks, tradeoffs and scope
  • Practiced Agile methodologies in a two-week sprint with daily stand-ups and ticket estimations; triaging high-priority bugs
    Cryptography Web App
  • Deploying a web application with React and Flask hosted on heroku, allowing users to encrypt plaintext and decrypt ciphertext using shift, vigenere and affine cipher algorithms
  • Project managed following SCRUM framework
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    Trip Mapping and Sharing Web App
  • Collaborated with two other students to design and develop a full-stack web application using the MERN technolgies
  • Integrated Google Maps and Login 3rd party libraries
  • Deployed using Heroku and AtlasDB
  • GitHub
    Text Adventure REPL
  • REPL adventure game programmed in Haskell
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    To-Do Application
  • Java program to parse command line arguments and writes a To-Do list to CSV file
  • Implemented an error logger to identify argument issues and display suggestions
  • Achieved Junit test coverage of 95%
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    Checkers Game
  • Developed a python application allowing users to play checkers against an AI opponent
  • Added advanced feature to display possible moves when selecting a piece by querying dynamically generated list of moves
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    Programming Languages

    Python | Java | MySQL | C | HTML | CSS | JS | Prolog | Haskell

    Frameworks & Tools

    Django | React | PyCharm | VS Code | Vim | Git